St  Patrick's  Roman  Catholic  Church  in   Grangetown,   Cardiff,   is   part   of   the   Cardiff    Deanery   of   the Roman   Catholic   Archdiocese   of   Cardiff.  

It   opened   on   St Patrick's Day  March  17th  1930.















St Patricks RC Primary School is  in Lucknow Street, Grangetown

 It has close links with the Church.

A school mass is celebrated   in school during term times, if possible.

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Mass  Times

Saturday 6.30pm

Sunday 10.00 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10.00am

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02920 253514

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Memorial of St Columban

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November is the month of Remembrance.  We remember all those who have gone before us in Faith.
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Monday 23rd November

Coronavirus Social Distancing restrictions mean that we have a limited seating capacity 

In the  Gospel today we hear of the offering of the poor widow at the Temple of Jerusalem. Jesus and His disciples were at the Temple when the widow came to worship and offer her small offerings to the Temple treasury, a small gift of two coins, a very small sum, and yet, considering her poverty, it was likely a relatively very big sum of money for her. As she was already widowed as well, it was likely that she had difficulties making ends meet too.

Nonetheless, she still gave out of her poverty because of her faith in God, her genuine faith and belief in Him, as well as her sincere desire to love the Lord and her fellow brothers and sisters alike. Therefore, the Lord praised the poor widow’s actions before all of His disciples, showing that her faith and offering were greater than all the rich people who offered much more than her.

The widow’s determination and love for God  is so great that she willingly gave even from her poverty and lack of things. Her love for God was greater than her love for herself and her possessions. Correspondingly, God Who knows everything inside our hearts and minds rejoices at her great faith, and her rewards in Heaven shall indeed be great.

Today we also celebrate the Memorial of  St. Columban the Abbot who is  remembered for his establishment of numerous monasteries and monastic communities in Western Europe. He encouraged many  to join those communities and  helped to maintain a rigorous discipline of the faith, known later as the Rule of St. Columban. He did not have it easy though, as he met oppositions and challenges from rulers and those who were wary and suspicious of his efforts. He also had his share of enemies, but all these did not stop him from his efforts.

Let us try today to renew our faith in the Lord and though we may experience trials and difficulties offer them up to the Lord so that we may experience His presence as we go about our daily  lives. 

"Come to me all you who are weary

and I will give you rest"

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