Synod  2021-2023

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Synod 2021-23

"The mission of the Church requires the entire People of God to be on a journey together, with each member playing his or her crucial role, united with each other"


What is a Synod?

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Pope Francis wants to give all members of the Church an opportunity to express their views on a variety of different issues. 

This involves 1.3 Billion Catholics  and  has also been described as the largest and the most ambitious 'listening' exercise in the history of humanity.

Questions to consider

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Your views

You are invited to express your views  on any of the areas to be explored, by sending an e-mail to:

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or you can put a paper copy in the brown box  at the back of the Church.

All comments will remain confidential. 

What happens in the end?

All your views will be confidential and anonymous.  

At the end of the consultation period a report will be  created and submitted to the Archdiocese.  This will be available for Parishioners to see probably at the end of Summer 2022. 

Reports from all the Parishes will be collated and will form part of a final document which will be submitted by the Archbishops of England and Wales to the Vatican in Rome. 

Hopefully  it will inspire us all  to  continue our journey forward as the People of God always guided by the Holy Spirit  so that we may become the Church that God is calling us to be.