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Fr Bogdan Wera  2009-2017

In late 2009 Fr  Bogdan  Wera  took  his  place  as Parish  Priest. Fr Bogdan was Polish and became responsible not only for the English speaking in the Parish, but also for a growing Polish Community which came with him.

To support two different communities, with different languages and customs is an enormous challenge. In the first few years Fr Bogdan had a series of Polish curates to help him with his responsibilities, many of whom spoke English. Unfortunately, in the last few years there  were no new curates available  and Fr had to  manage alone.


In addition to serving at St Patrick’s, Fr Bogdan travelled to other towns to support the Polish Communities there.    Services in St Patrick's  were  celebrated  in  both  languages,  and  on  special occasions  there  were  bilingual  services.  


Sadly   Fr's  health  began  to  suffer  and  after some days in hospital,  on September 9th 2017  Fr Bogdan passed  away  at  home in the Presbytery . He was 61 years old.

His Requiem Mass  was held on Monday 25th September 2017 and was attended by over 50 priests many of whom had travelled from Poland to say their farewells. Later he returned to his native Poland where he was laid to rest.

He will  be  greatly  missed,  by  both  communities  and  we  will  always 

remember  him  in  our  prayers.

Eternal  Rest  grant  unto  him  O  Lord

And  let  perpetual  light  shine  upon  him.

May  he  rest  in  peace.


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