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S.V.P.  Awareness  Month

 The St Vincent de Paul  Society  in  England and Wales  has around 10,000  members who, last  year  made over 500,000  visits  to  families  and individuals  who  were   house-bound or in need.  Our  theme  for ‘Awareness  Month’  this  September is  ‘Welcoming the Stranger'  Over  the next few weeks  we  will  be  putting  posters on  our notice board  focusing on Homelessness, Grief, Loneliness,  and Hunger.  

The  work  of  the  SVP  in  this  and  many  other  parishes  is  to  extend  the  hand  of  friendship  to  those  in  our  community.


Much  of  our  work  is  to  visit  people  who  are  living  alone ,  in  their  own  homes  or  in  residential  or  nursing  homes.  Very  often  people who  live  alone  just  love  to  have  someone  come  and  spend   a  little  time  with  them  to  have  a  chat  and  maybe  a  cup  of  tea.   Maybe  they  need  just  a  little  help  with  getting  to  that  hospital  or  dental  appointment  which  without  a  little  friendly  support  can  be  quite  a  challenge or  at  least  a  worrying  time.  Just  being  there  with  and  for  someone  at  their  time  of  need  is  indeed  meeting  Christ  in  our  neighbour  when  he  said

“  Whenever  you  do  this  for  one  of  the  least  of  my  brothers,  you  did  it  for  me.”


The  SVP  supports  people  in  all  kinds  of  need:  debt,  disability,  sickness,  people  struggling  to  put  food  on  the  table ,  isolated  older  people,  single  parents  and  those  who  just  need  a  little  extra  support,  friendship  and  compassion.  Much  of  our  work  is  confidential  and  SVP  members  only  make  visits  by  invitation.


In  all  they  do,  the  SVP  is  supported  by  the  parish  community  to  which  they  belong.  We  could  do  nothing  without  your  help. 

At  Christmas,  we  made  up  about  80  food  parcels  and  thanks  to  the  wonderful  group  of  helpers  they  were  all  made  up,  bagged  and  wrapped  and  delivered  in  record  time.  Thank  you  to  everyone  who  helped.


This  year  also  we  helped  sponsor  some  pilgrims  to  Lourdes.  Thank  you  again,  for  your  support  when  we  made  our  appeal.


At  the  back  of  our  Church  are  notice  boards  and  one  is  specially  for  the  SVP.  Posters  tell  a  little  about  what  we  do,  who  the  founders  were  and  where  we  fit  in  today’s  society.



















As  well  as working  in  this  Parish  we  also  help  in  a  small  way    other  SVP  Groups   across  the  world. In the past months the SVP International has been working with other aid agencies to help those affected by   hurricanes  or  the  extreme flooding which has resulted in the loss of many lives  and homes.  This  help  will  continue long after the news broadcasts.



In  our  diocese we have several  Community  Support  Projects  and  three  of  our  St  Vincent  Shops  are  in  the Cardiff  area:    Abergely  Road  Trowbridge,  Holton  Road  Barry,  and  Tweedsmuir  Road  Tremorfa.  They  are  always  in  need  of  goods  to  sell  so  please  remember  them  when  you  next  have  a  sort-out.



In  the  SVP,  all  members  are  committed  to  helping  those  they  meet,  whether  it  is  a  friendly  word ,  a  visit, material  help,  whatever  it  might  be.   We  ask  that  you  remember  us  in  your  prayers  and    if  you  know  of  anyone  who  might  need  a  visit,  please  don’t  just  let it be a  passing  thought,  tell  an SVP  member  so  that  we  can  act  upon  that information  and  continue  our  commitment  to  support  people  in  our  community. 

Vincent  de Paul  was born  in  1581 in  France  and  became a Priest  who  dedicated his life to serving the poor and disadvantaged in  Paris.  He  was canonised by  Pope Leo  Xlll    in  1837.

Frederic Ozanam  was born in 1813 in Italy. 

He and  six  friends founded the Conference of Charity and took as their patron  St Vincent de Paul.   This Charity became known as the SVP.

Frederic  was beatified  by Pope John Paul ll in  1997  but  has yet to become canonised.

                               St. Vincent de Paul Prayer

Lord Jesus, may the example of St. Vincent de Paul

inspire us to be generous of hearts and hands to the needy. 

May our generosity flow from humble gratitude for your many gifts to us,

rather than from false pride in our own abilities. 

We are all needy in our own ways-

and so are dependent on your generosity and that of others. 

Help us to respond willingly to the Gospel call to self-giving love,

to look for ways to serve rather than expecting to be served. 


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