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St  Patrick's  Roman  Catholic  Church  in   Grangetown,   Cardiff,   is   part   of   the   Cardiff    Deanery   of   the Roman   Catholic   Archdiocese   of   Cardiff.  

This Church  opened   on   St Patrick's Day  March  17th  1930.





St Patricks RC Primary School is  in Lucknow Street, Grangetown

 It has close links with the Church.

The school  website.

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Weekday  in the Second Week of Lent

14th Station Jesus is laid in the tomb

Fourteenth  Station:

Jesus is laid in the tomb


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Thursday  29th  February

Happy    are    they    who    put    their    trust    in    the    Lord

Today’s Gospel is the story of Lazarus and the rich man.  This is another story with which we are very familiar.  Lazarus was a poor man and his body was covered with sores.  He begged right outside the door of the rich man’s house.  The rich man was always dressed in fine clothing and ate only the finest food.  Even though Lazarus was present outside the rich man’s house day in and day out, the rich man ignored him!

These two men died within a few days of each other.  When Lazarus died, he was immediately taken to heaven by the angels to Abraham’s bosom.  Shortly after this, the rich man also died and was buried.  The rich man, however, did not go the heaven.  Instead, he went to the netherworld where he suffered great torment.  By some means, the rich man was able to see Abraham in heaven and surprisingly he saw Lazarus at Abraham’s side.  The rich man was stunned!  How could this be?  Shouldn’t he be the one at Abraham’s side?

The rich man called out to Abraham and begged him to send Lazarus to him with some water because he was suffering great torment.  However, Abraham reminded the rich man that he had received many gifts and graces while he was on earth while Lazarus suffered.  Now however, their positions were reversed: Lazarus was receiving many graces and much comfort while the rich man was the one in torment.  Lazarus was reaping the gifts and blessings that had come from living a good life, while the rich man was reaping the results of the selfish choices he had made in his life.


Today may be a good day to ask ourselves what we are sowing in our daily lives.  Is it love, care, concern, peace, joy, and generosity or is it negativity, self-centeredness, greed, and criticism?  We will reap what we sow.  Which seeds we will choose to sow in our lives today and tomorrow?  Let us be mindful of our choices.

On Fridays  at 3.00pm during the weeks of Lent, 
we will reflect on the Stations of the Cross.
This will be followed  by  Benediction.

On-line Stations of the Cross
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February 25th  2024
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