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St  Patrick's  Roman  Catholic  Church  in   Grangetown,   Cardiff,   is   part   of   the   Cardiff    Deanery   of   the Roman   Catholic   Archdiocese   of   Cardiff.  

It   opened   on   St Patrick's Day  March  17th  1930.















St Patricks RC Primary School is  in Lucknow Street, Grangetown

 It has close links with the Church.

A school mass is celebrated   in school during term times.

The school  website.  http://www.stpatricks-primary.co.uk/

 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time


As the first reading this Sunday taken from Sirach says, each person must choose between life and death .  The choices we make every day have a life or death quality. Every day we are choosing in one direction or the other.

We all have reasons for the choices we make. Sometimes we are seeking approval and acceptance, wanting to fit in and be liked. We choose based upon the costs, benefits and risks involved. Sometimes we may just give up and refuse to choose. Sometimes we choose power, control, or security. Often our choices are about self-protection or making ourselves feel happier. Or we might choose to make another feel bad, and attempt to get back at him or her; or more positively, we may choose to make amends and make up.

Our experience of making choices brings us back to our reading from Sirach. There is one fundamental choice to be made — the choice between life and death. Where will I spend eternity? The choice that really matters in the end is between life and death. This ultimate criterion should affect all other choices. What good does it profit a person to gain the whole world, and lose one’s soul? (cf Mark 8:36)

Bringing this to an everyday level: could our daily lifestyle be described as life-giving? Do we choose to help sustain and nurture life for ourselves and others? Or do we choose to diminish or ignore the good of others? Do we try to make our world a better place?

While Jesus sets us a very high standard, Sirach claims that we can keep the commandments if we really want to. Both readings call us to evaluate our habitual ways of choosing.

The Sermon on the Mount offers high moral ideals, not a set of firm commandments. Jesus forbids not merely murder but also lesser forms of injuring others. The importance of forgiveness is so great that it comes before strictly religious duties. He tells us “leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your neighbour.” We must respect not simply people’s right to life but also their right to dignity and self-respect.

Just doing good actions that look good in the eyes of the world and yet which do not contain our completely commitment to God is not enough. 

May we give ourselves to God today and every day.  He will give Himself to us beyond all that we can imagine!

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Baptisms and Weddings

If you would like to arrange a Baptism or a Wedding  please come to the 6.30 Mass  on  Saturday or the 10am Mass on  a  Sunday  and  you can discuss this with Canon Michael Evans  after the service. 

Arrangements cannot be made over the telephone.

Psalm 119

 Blessed are they whose way is blameless,
who walk in the law of the LORD.
  Blessed are they who observe his decrees,
who seek him with all their heart.

Instruct me, O LORD, in the way of your statutes,
that I may exactly observe them.
  Give me discernment, that I may observe your law
and keep it with all my heart.

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