St  Patrick's  Roman  Catholic  Church  in   Grangetown,   Cardiff,   is   part   of   the   Cardiff    Deanery   of   the Roman   Catholic   Archdiocese   of   Cardiff.  

It   opened   on   St Patrick's Day  March  17th  1930.















St Patricks RC Primary School is  in Lucknow Street, Grangetown

 It has close links with the Church.

A school mass is celebrated   in school during term times, if possible.

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Saturday in the Octave after Easter

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Easter Saturday 10th April 2021

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                                                               Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!       The Lord is Risen!

Today the words of the Scriptures call us to be courageous in proclaiming our faith and the truth about the Lord and His Resurrection, His salvation and glory, among the communities and the peoples we are living with in this world, to be genuine Christians in all of our words, actions and deeds.

Indeed, we  have to be faithful in the mission which God has entrusted to us all, His Church.

In the first reading we hear how the Apostles were released from their encounter with the Sanhedrin with a stern warning ordering them not to continue preaching in the Name of the Lord or to continue their mission. But certainly, the Apostles without fear, refused to obey such a human order, and instead, continued to preach the truth of the Lord, proclaiming His Resurrection and Way to all the people,  the Jews and the Gentiles alike. They persevered through the challenges and trials, the persecutions and oppositions they faced, and remained true to the mission entrusted to them by God.

It is that same mission which we  hear about in the Gospel passage today that the disciples and followers of the Lord were given by the Lord Himself:  to proclaim His Good News to the nations,  following God with all their strength:  “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation.”

Through this commandment, the Lord sends all of His followers to be missionaries of the faith, and the witnesses to His truth,  calling more and more to Himself  and it is this same mission that we have been entrusted with, as members of the Church through our common baptism. We too are commissioned  to reach out and be witnesses of the Lord’s truth and Resurrection. 

Let us all therefore do whatever we can, in whatever small things we can do each day, to reach out to others and be ever more committed to serve the Lord through our actions, through our charitable deeds with real and  genuine concern.  We are all called to be generous in our love and in our outreach, so that more and more may come to know of God and His love through us, and that many more souls may come to repentance and reconciliation with Him, becoming worthy to enter into eternal life and glory.

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