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St  Patrick's  Roman  Catholic  Church  in   Grangetown,   Cardiff,   is   part   of   the   Cardiff    Deanery   of   the Roman   Catholic   Archdiocese   of   Cardiff.  

It   opened   on   St Patrick's Day  March  17th  1930.















St Patricks RC Primary School is  in Lucknow Street, Grangetown

 It has close links with the Church.

A school mass is celebrated   in school during term times, if possible.

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Feast of  SS John Fisher and Thomas More

Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is called "ordinary" not because it is common but simply because the weeks of Ordinary Time are numbered.

The Latin word 'ordinalis', which refers to numbers in a series, stems from the Latin word ordo, from which we get the English word order. Thus, the numbered weeks of Ordinary Time, in fact, represent the ordered life of the Church—the period in which we live our lives neither in feasting (as in the Christmas and Easter seasons) or in more severe penance (as in Advent and Lent). 

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Tuesday 22nd June

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The    just    will    live     in    the    presence    of     the    Lord.

In the Gospel today, the Lord speaks to His disciples, regarding  how they all should seek what is holy and not to throw all those things because of the temptations that they might face along the way. He tells them all that the path towards the kingdom of God is not one that is easy and simple. Instead, there would likely be plenty of obstacles and challenges that would face them as they proceed forward with faith.

All of these serve as reminders to all of us, that we too should not allow ourselves to be swayed by the many temptations and allures of worldly glory, fame, wealth and many other tempting desires that can lead us astray from our path and distract us from our focus and faith in the Lord.  Today we can seek inspiration from the saints, our holy predecessors whose memory we recall this day at their feast.

In the sixteenth century King Henry Vlll  decided to break with the Church of Rome and Catholics found themselves in trouble. Thomas More and John Fisher were among the few who stood against the king’s corrupt desires and efforts to separate the Church in England from the Universal Church. Thomas More himself was the trusted Chancellor of the King, who enjoyed close confidence from the king, while John Fisher was the influential Bishop of Rochester and one of the preeminent bishops in all of England.

All of the entire kingdom, all the people and especially the high officials were made to obey the king’s new decision and ruling in breaking ties with the Pope in Rome.  This was often done so under the certain threat of suffering and death. Some would eventually abandon their faith in exchange for guarantees of safety and comfort in life, while many others remained faithful.

Thomas More remained faithful to the true Mother Church and opposed the king, even while knowing that such a choice and action could not only just cause him to lose his role as Chancellor, but that could very well end up with his death. Yet, he chose to remain faithful, and resigned his chancellorship rather than betraying the true Church and faith in God. He was arrested and imprisoned, and eventually was put to death, faithful to the end. The same fate faced John Fisher, who also courageously spoke out in defence of the faith.

Thankfully today, we in this country enjoy religious freedoms however, we can be inspired by the examples shown by our holy predecessors, that even faced with many challenges they chose to remain faithful to their beliefs.    Let us all follow their actions and faith, that we too may glorify the Lord by our lives, and be an inspiration to other people. May the Lord continue to guide us, and may He strengthen our faith at all times, that we may walk ever more faithfully in His path. 

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